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Accessing the properties of a digital signature

Accessing the properties of a digital signature

Now once we have selected the certificate. We need to access the properties of the certificate. Here is a small piece of code to access all the properties which may be helpful to us for any context.

before accessing these properties we have to set the certificate object. for that you can get the code from any of the two previous articles.
1. Article link , Mirror link
2. Article link , Mirror link

Now once we have the certificate (X509Certificate2 x509_2;)
we can o with the following code



/// Set All the Properties of the Certificate


public Boolean SetProperties()


if (x509_2 != null)


RSACryptoServiceProvider rsa = (RSACryptoServiceProvider)x509_2.PublicKey.Key;

_PublicKey_Key =_PublicKeyXML = rsa.ToXmlString(false);

//_PrivateKeyXML = rsa.ToXmlString(true );

_PrivateKeyXML=_Private_Key = x509_2.PrivateKey.ToXmlString(false);

_PKeyExchangeAlgorithm = x509_2.PrivateKey.KeyExchangeAlgorithm;

_PublicKey = x509_2.GetPublicKeyString();

//_PublicKey_Key = Convert.ToString(x509_2.PublicKey.Key);

_SerialNumber = x509_2.GetPublicKeyString();

_Thumbprint = x509_2.Thumbprint;

_RawCertDataString = x509_2.GetRawCertDataString();

_FriendlyName = x509_2.FriendlyName;

_HashString = x509_2.GetCertHashString();

_EffectiveDate = x509_2.GetEffectiveDateString();

_ExpirationDate = x509_2.GetExpirationDateString();

_Format = x509_2.GetFormat();

_IssuerName = x509_2.GetIssuerName();

_KeyAlgorithm = x509_2.GetKeyAlgorithm();

_KeyAlgorithmParameters = x509_2.GetKeyAlgorithmParametersString();

_CertName = x509_2.GetName();

_CertSubject = x509_2.Subject;

_CertVersion = x509_2.Version;

_SignatureAlgorithm_Value = x509_2.SignatureAlgorithm.Value;

_SignatureAlgorithm_ToString = x509_2.SignatureAlgorithm.ToString();

_SignatureAlgorithm_FriendlyName = x509_2.SignatureAlgorithm.FriendlyName;

return true;


else { return false; }



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