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makecer.exe is te tool which omes with the visual studio using this tool we can create self signed certificates.

steps once have to follow to create the self signned document

1. open the visual studio command promt

2. type the foolowing command to check the makecer.exe is installed on your system or not 99.9% it is instaled in your system as it is the tool hich vs provieds you




3. If the above command works then use the following command to create a certificate.


makecert -sk "MyContainer" -ss MY -r -n "CN=YourCommonName" mycer.cer


this will creates an RSA key-pair and a matching certificate in the CurrentUser "MY" certificate store, and also give the output as a public certificate to the file mycer.cer.

The matching private key is placed in the CryptoAPI keycontainer named "MyContainer"(which contains the encrypted private key for this certificate).

The cert is self-signed (-r) and is exportable with private key (-pe).

You can use that keycontainer name (MyContainer) to instantiate a .NET CSP instance too.


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