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Textbox Properties

Textbox Properties


In this article I will be talking about the few most commonly used properties of the textbox control. Some of the properties are similar as the label control which you can find here or on the mirror link

Rest of the properties I will deal in this article


Property              Purpose

ID                            to change the name of the control which we use in code file

AccessKey           the shortcut key used with the combination of alt to access the control at runtime

Columns              to set how many charters will be displayed in the textbox

Rows                     to set how many lines will be displayed in the textbox

Enabled                                true or false to set whether the control can be accessed by the user at runtime or not

MaxLenght         to define how many characters can be entered in the textbox if it is 0 that means no limit is set

ReadOnly            true or false to set that the value of control is not changed at runtime by the user

                                If true user can't change the value

TextMode           Single: user can enter value in one line

                                Multiline: user can use the enter key to insert new line and type in the new line

                                Password: acts like a password field the actual characters will not be displayed


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