Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Microsoft User Group - Jaipur

Hi all!

We are excited to announce the search of 'Techies'. 

Who are we and why this community?

We are simply Techies and this is the freelancer community for Microsoft User group Jaipur. We people want to expand Technical stuffs around the world. This is purely non-profitable community and we did not charge any cost for any of its info and other parts.
We launched this community to just recognize those people who wants to spread Technical stuffs and are waiting for a chance.

How can I participate?

Its very simple. You just need to register here : http://jaipurmentor.com/component/comprofiler/registers.html?referrer=AUPRS-4B5AA973940EB

Who are on the admin panel?

There are number of technology experts and MVP's who are taking care of the community.

What to be noticed while applying for Nangal Gem?

We are advised while you are nominated or applied for this great appreciation of the Community, we need each and every details from you looking 'why you are Gem of Nangal'. So, explain each and every words of your special achievements your special things which explore Nangal and make it proud.

How can I join as I am non-Japur'ian?

Our main motto is to expand the knowledge and technical stuffs through the world so there is no restriction of region if you are not from Jaipur no problem you can join.

How can I help this community?

You can contribute here, explore the community in your blog, emails and invite the people to expand knowledge here.

How can I suggest?

You can directly write to us for any suggestions.

Webmaster - jaipurmentor.com

Thanks and Regards
Meetu Choudhary
Microsoft MVP (ASP.Net)
DNS MVM Awardee | Microsoft Certified Professional | Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist |
Co-founder / Webmaster : www.jaipurmentor.com | www.msdotnetmentor.com | www.indiaalt.net | Lead Editor / Webmaster : www.dotnetspider.com | www.silverlightclub.com  | interview.msdotnetheaven.com | forum.msdotnetheaven.com | My Blog : http://aspnetbymeetu.blogspot.com | My Profile : www.google.com/profiles/meetuchoudhary

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